Monday, September 2, 2019

SOVEREIGN Reaches First $1K Milestone

Last week my body scan came back showing cancer in some lymph nodes near my surgery site. Meanwhile, all my other organ systems and bones are clear! I have agreed to receive 6-8 weeks of external radiation therapy to address my affected lymph nodes.The toll of radiation (and the commute which comes with it) also means that I won't have the energy to do much more than write, so I'm deeply appreciative of the contributions I've received to my crowdfunding campaign for SOVEREIGN--the collection of recovery poems which is helping to fund my personal recovery from cancer.

Two days prior to my son's 9th birthday, SOVEREIGN earned its first one thousand dollars, and I released the embedded video of me reading "When I Dreamed of My Soul as an Owl." For every one thousand dollars the campaign earns, I will release a video of me reading another new poem. Meanwhile, all contributors to the campaign will receive a PDF download of the complete collection, and all contributors of $20 USD or more will receive a signed paperback copy of SOVEREIGN plus an invitation to the release party. Please CLICK HERE for more details about the campaign. Contributions are also welcome here:

CashApp ID = $poetmom445