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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Happy Discoveries, Vol. 2 (A Compilation of my Favorite Finds & Family Photos from the Past Week or 2)

My daughter & my mother
on my mother's birthday
1. "I'm 72. So What?," Longreads, by Catherine Texier 

I drew an oracle card called Perspective. Then, my children met their father, their half sister and her mother at the library. None of us remain romantically connected to each other. This is a new space we are navigating with care. We walked beside the Oostanaula River after our time at the library, and my daughter (the oldest of the assembled children), walked between me and her dad. When we got in the car, she had many observations and insights to share. I thought deepening my understanding of her was the impetus behind the Perspective card. Then I read Catherine Texier's essay for Longreads. "I'm 72. So What?" is the perspective shift this 37-year-old needed. Feeling ever on the verge of death (thanks to my ongoing, inconclusive relationship with ductal carcinoma), I needed a different sort of reminder that age is relative, as well as inspiration to envision myself making it far beyond 40. This was perfect.

2. "A Brief History of My Body," Pulp, by Amy Estes

I deeply admire Amy's way of weaving a story. Even though my soul fills a very different body than Amy's, I can see myself in the snapshots she shares and am encouraged by the revelation that she claimed her own identity without shame.

My son, after trick-or-treating
at the TN Aquarium
3. This Enchanted Pixie, writing & photography by Polly

Somewhere in the UK, a beautiful, blonde, heavily tattooed single mother named Polly is homeschooling, writing & otherwise living what feels in many ways like a parallel to my life. I came across her essay about Persephone while looking up a detail for my most recent prose poem. I'm grateful.

4. "Parenting Slumps Can be Spooky," P.S. I Love You, by Andrew Knott

This simple essay about a work-from-home father's struggles to maintain a healthy perspective on himself and his accomplishments as a parent really hits home as well. It turns out that seeing my own reflection in others' writing provides almost as much validation and insight as therapy.

5. Aurora

About a month ago, I gave myself especially thick bangs poised to grow into relatively serious sideburns on their way down. Seeing the Norse singer Aurora completely rock a similar look was good for my heart and my head. On top of that, this interview with her is a refreshing blend of edgy, funny and relatable. I encountered her for the first time via her collaboration with Wardruna on the beautiful ballad about death embedded below. Soon thereafter, I discovered she voices the narrator on one of my children's favorite shows Creeped Out!

What I've Published Lately, Vol. 1 (Please read the essays & then share them if you're inspired to do so.)

Intuitive Collage 1. My soul sister Courtney showed me the
beauty of the practice of creating intuitive collages.
We made our first ones together on New Year's Eve 2015 or so.
For my 37th birthday this year, she gifted me a grey
notebook for collecting these soul expressions.
P.S. I Love You

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Monday, November 4, 2019

SOVEREIGN Reaches $3K Milestone! (& Write Club ATL's Bitter Harvest is on the Way)

I'm happy to report that SOVEREIGN is now officially one-third of the way to meeting its total crowdfunding goal. I deeply appreciate all contributions, and I'm genuinely excited to share my most recent work with you. A video is above. Meanwhile, the words to this piece are available here

You may also notice that this piece is inspired by the theme MYTH. This November 13, I'll be reading in a live competition at the Highland Inn Ballroom in Atlanta, GA, USA. I've been assigned the theme HISTORY.  . . . MYTH is actually the territory of my opponent. So, apparently I needed to understand the one side before I could speak about the other. If you will be in the Atlanta area on November 13, come on out and join us. Write Club is a fundraiser for charity (mine will be the Peachtree NORML Foundation) and always a good time. Click this invitation link for everything you ever wanted to know about this month's installment of Write Club! 

A final word regarding contributions to SOVEREIGN: 

For every $1K raised, I release a low quality video of a high quality poem. A minimum of $20 USD means you receive a signed copy of the complete collection and an invite to the launch party. Anything additional helps cover the costs of my out of pocket cancer care. Contributions may be made across platforms. Relevant links follow:

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