Sunday, April 12, 2020

SOVEREIGN Just $3500 USD Away from $9K Goal!

It occurs to me often these days that none of us really know what healing looks like. I think it's different for each of us and that it may be something which is felt as much as it's measured or seen. While I think I remain free from COVID-19, I do still have cancer, and healing from it (both physically and psychologically) is connected to my progress with the poetry collection Sovereign: Recovery Poems. 

When I launched the crowdfunding campaign for Sovereign last fall, I envisioned completing the project by March. I hadn't raised quite as much money as I'd hoped to, but I still considered my efforts a success. I was going to wrap up the fundraising, launch the book and hope for a new wave of support. 

Now, it's an understatement to say that things have changed. Thanks to COVID-19, it feels as though the world is collectively experiencing a period of recovery, and hopefully we will all learn a bit more about the process of becoming personally sovereign as we continue to endure the current period of isolation and forced reflection--through which our personal and collective strengths, weaknesses, fears, needs and desires come into sharper focus. 

While my collection of recovery poems still centers on my personal experience of cancer, I'm approaching it now with the understanding that the context has changed, and I'm hopeful to create something with the intention that it will speak to everyone a bit more deeply than I had originally planned. 

On that note, I had originally stated that I'd share a video of me reading a recent poem each time I raised $1K. After calculating all my donations (from across GoFundMe and other platforms) today, I've raised a total of $5,486.22! So, two videos are attached. 

I'd love you to please give them a watch and then check out the words, which are linked in the descriptions. Reading the written poems will help me out, as will donating to the campaign itself! I am now forging ahead with the intention of exceeding my initial $9K funding goal. Your contributions will help me create something which I hope can offer up a little medicine to all our souls. They will also help me continue to maintain my family's health amidst the chaos of both cancer and COVID-19. 

Wherever you are tonight, I urge you to give what thanks you can, grieve as you must and keep on keeping on with hope in your heart.