Kelli Lynn Grey is my pen name. My early professional experience includes:

working as a middle school teacher.

managing a global-facing steel percussion business.

collaborating with Peachtree NORML to create the blog-based column NORML Mom.

reading oracle cards in a crystal shop.

interviewing bands for The Rome Unscene.

running a small-scale intentional community space with my then husband.

More recently, my words have appeared within Healthline, Mashable, Inside the Jar, Eloquent Magazine and across Medium.com. I also collaborate with Wellstar Health System to create marketing materials and with Education Without Limits to create curriculum for students in grades K-12. 

In 2018, I established the imprint BAMF Books and published a poetry chapbook titled Harvest. Meanwhile, my full-length collection Queen of Wands: A Poet's Journey with Cancer During the Time of COVID-19 is forthcoming. 

When I'm not writing, I'm exploring the art of being human in Atlanta, Georgia, alongside my two neuro-divergent tween-agers. I also sit on the board of the non-profit AMP Rome and support additional organizations that defend civil and human rights.

This blog doubles as a publicly-shared personal resource and as an alternative writing portfolio. I'm always interested in work that relates to health equity, cannabis, psychedelics, relationships and/or education. To reach me, email kellilynngrey@gmail.com.

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