Kelli Lynn Grey is the pen name of essayist/poet Kelli Lynn Karanovich (Hutchinson), a lifelong resident of Atlanta and North Georgia, USA. 
After working as a middle school teacher and co-founding a steel percussion musical instrument company with her (ex)husband, she launched the imprint BAMF Books in 2018 while attending a conference at Lighthouse Writers Workshop in Denver, Colorado.

BAMF released Kelli’s chapbook, Harvest, in 2018. Her full length collection, SOVEREIGN: Recovery Poems, is forthcoming in 2020. On Medium.com, Kelli edits the publications BAMF Mag and Secular & Sensational. On Substack.com, she publishes the newsletters The Seed: Cultivating Conscious Cannabis Culture, The Grey Rose Garden: Hope Blooms in the Dark, Journeys in Sacred Sound and The Grey Way.  

A professional journalist, copywriter and educator, she also welcomes steady remote work with magazines, businesses, organizations and K-12 curriculum providers. As of July 2020, notable clients include Wellstar Health System, Healthline, Mashable and Education Without Limits.  

Outside the world of writing and publishing, Kelli homes schools her two neurologically divergent children, sits on the board of the non-profit AMP Rome and supports additional organizations that defend civil and human rights. 

Personally, she's passionate about long walks, cerebral conversations and performance art. Although diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at age 36, she plans on seeing her children into adulthood and enjoying a late-blooming career in comedy and film. To reach her, email kellilynngrey@gmail.com. 

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