Essay Links:

This Miseducation of The South 

Don't Call Me a Hippie in 2020: or I Just Might Put a Spell on You

Hurdles to Humanizing Homelessness

Being Human in America: Guns, Grief, Rights & Responsibility

Re-Dreaming America (Thoughts on Charlottesville & Atlanta's Anti-Fascist Rally) 

My Women's March Story

4 Redefined Rules of Living Across Economic Classes 

I Write to Help Dismantle the System My People Have Built

A NORML Mom Takes Not One Step Back

If I Were a Sex Ed Teacher (Maybe People Wouldn't Have Such a Divided Will about Abortion)

I Lost My Virginity Having Non-Penetrative Sex in NYC

Death and Depression Have Guided My Journey with Cancer 

What Borderline Personality Disorder & Codependency Taught Me About Loss & Love

Poetry Links:

When I Dreamed of My Soul as an Owl

Masks (Reunion Weekend)

Myth (Dear Terence)

Ayahuasca Comes Here Too

History (We live. We die. The world goes on.)

Calling the Bear 

Write Naked

Currents Change. Speak Their Names. 

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