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In my teens and early twenties, it was totally customary to bring a bottle of wine or a bag of weed to social gatherings. Since I spent this time completely free of substance use, I'd offer the gift of reading palms and cards instead. This was a wonderful way for my introverted, intuitive self to connect with people. I also discovered a natural affinity for doing this work.

Over time, I learned more about the history and mystery of the world of palmistry, oracle card reading and The Tarot. While I don't advocate for making any of this your only guide to life, I do feel that these practices can be powerful tools for more deeply understanding ourselves and navigating challenges in an affirming, soul-centered way. I use them regularly for myself and my friends.

I've also practiced ritual magic in collaboration with Carolyn Elliot, Sera Beak, ATL Craft and Alberto Roman, as well as with Tom Blue Wolf and the wider community of Stone People's Lodge. In January 2020, I started providing readings in person at Stonehaven in Rome, Georgia, USA.

Due to COVID 19 and my personal dedication to continue social distancing, I am now offering virtual readings: $20 USD = a basic 5 card spread. You receive a photo and write-up with recommendations for crystals and other tools to enhance your own personal magic.

Please submit payment via PayPal, Venmo or CashApp along with the email where you would like to receive your results. Unless otherwise noted, readings are completed within 2 days of receiving your request. 

P.S. Some additional sources of witchy wares and magical merch are here:

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