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Palms & Cards

Since I spent my teens and early twenties completely free of substance use, I never had a bottle of wine to bring to social gatherings. Instead, I'd offer the gift of reading palms and cards. This was a wonderful way for my introverted, intuitive self to connect with people. I also discovered a natural affinity for doing this work.

Over time, I learned more about the history and mystery of the world of palmistry, oracle card reading and The Tarot. While I don't advocate for making any of this your only guide to life, I do feel that these practices can be powerful tools for more deeply understanding ourselves and navigating challenges in an affirming, soul-centered way. I use them regularly for myself and my friends--who have encouraged me to offer my services to the public.

As of January 2020, I will be offering readings in person at Stonehaven in Rome, Georgia, USA, on Fridays and (some) Saturdays from 2-4 pm and by appointment. I'm also available to read at events for both adults and children. For more information, please email me at

Meanwhile, I provide daily and weekly card readings to those who subscribe to the paid, expanded version of BAMF Daily. The cost for this is $7 USD per month or $70 USD per year. Click the image below to subscribe.

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